Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you support Live TV, catch-up TV (DVR) and Video on Demand (VOD)?

Yes. AdSparx's ad insertion technology can help Online TV publishers like you monetise Live TV, catch-up TV and Video on Demand (VOD) content.

What platforms do you support?

Short answer: All of them! AdSparx is a server side ad insertion solution and supports all platforms including Desktop, Android, iOS, IP set top boxes, Roku and Smart TVs.

Do you require SCTE cue tone/marker information?

No, AdSparx's ad break replacement technology is based on advanced algorithms that does not require SCTE cue tone or any other ad marker information to be present in the Online TV streams.

Can I use my existing CDN?

Yes, of course! AdSparx's solution is built to work with the publisher's existing technology infrastructure and supports all CDNs.

Are you an ad network/exchange?

No. AdSparx is an ad technology solution that inserts dynamic targeted video ads in your Online video streams.

Can I configure my direct sold video campaigns?

Yes. You can use AdSparx's ad console to configure direct sold campaigns with or without the VAST tag.

Do you support VAST campaigns?

Yes. AdSparx supports the industry leading VAST standard. You can configure your VAST 2.0 video campaigns using our ad console.

Are you compatible with Ad exchanges and programmatic platforms?

Yes. You can configure your campaigns from ad networks, ad exchanges and programmatic platforms.

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AdSparx is a SAAS platform to enable OTT platforms and Online TV service providers to monetize their TV Commercial breaks with the help of VAST compliant Video Ads.



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